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Choosing a telecoms provider can be a confusing and time consuming job. This is where we can help. We work with industry leading telecoms & connectivity suppliers. This extensive portfolio of suppliers combined with our independence and 20 years of industry experience means we can ensure you get the right solution to meet your needs at the best price.


We take the hassle out of finding the most appropriate telecoms solution for your business. Whether you need a phone number, VoIP services or broadband we’ve got it covered!

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We can supply and install all of your Hosted Voice services,  PBX phone systems, SIP Trunks, Data Connectivity and traditional telephony services such as ISDN and analogue lines.

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Are you dissatisfied with your current telecoms partner?Are you an IT or Telecom provider looking to generate additional revenue streams?  Work with us and we will help you grow!

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A Flexible & Scaleable Cloud Phone System

that’s simple, smart and cost effective

Migrate to the Cloud and benefit from

  • Greater features and functionality for less.
  • Access productivity enhancing features such as CRM integration
  • Unlimited UK calls to 01,02,03 & 07 numbers
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Our Services & Products

Quality products and personal service


Cloud Telecoms for Sole Traders & SME’s

Improved reliability, flexibility and control are benefits regularly associated with a cloud based phone system. Zero capex and no maintenance costs are also a big driver to migrate telecoms to the cloud. By moving to a cloud solution, calls are no longer reliant on fixed phone lines and utilise the internet to carry voice traffic. This offers businesses far more flexibility and control over where and how phone calls are received, ensuring your customers can always get through. In the event of a disaster (eg loss of power at site), calls can automatically forward to your company mobiles or alternative locations.

  • Predictable monthly costs with inclusive calls
  • Outsource support to the provider.
  • Easily add or remove user extensions.
  • One supplier for everything.
  • Maximise uptime and coverage
  • Minimal/Zero Capex


Our portfolio of data connectivity services includes supplier such as BT, Zen, Fastnet, Daisy, TTB, Vodafone & Virgin. From simple ADSL2+ broadband solutions through to superfast FTTC broadband, EFM, Ethernet and complex MPLS data services for bandwith hungry businesses. Combined with our cloud telephony services we can supply Voice Assured connectivity to enable end to end QOS prioritising Voice over other internet traffic.

Our top priority is making sure you have the most appropriate connectivity for your business.

Lines, Calls & SIP Trunks

Analogue phone lines still have their uses either to support a broadband service, alarm line or fax however the days of ISDN services are numbered.  You may aleady be aware that BT will be switching off the ISDN network in 2025, therefore if your fixed line telephony contracts are coming up for renewal, now is the time to start looking at migrating to SIP technology.

So what is SIP?

SIP enables the running of voice calls over an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.  SIP trunks now represent a very viable and popular alternative to ISDN services as data connectivity increases in quality and prices reduce.  SIP trunks are ideal for keeping business phone numbers when relocating, connecting multi-site phone systems together or businesses looking to have a disaster recovery solution.

If you need the flexibility and control of your own phone system – and either already have a phone system or are happy to buy, run and manage the phone system yourself – SIP Trunks are the right choice for you


Virtual numbers

Virtual phone numbers allow your business to present a Geographic (01,02) or Non-Geographic (03,08) to clients no matter the location of your business.

For instance you can have a local landline number that rings straight to your mobile or any location you wish. Alternatively you could link an 0800 number to your mobile or use a mix of geographic 01,02 numbers to target prospects from particular parts of the UK and then monitor the response through the inclusive call reports. You can also easily manage the routing of your numbers by simply logging into your online portal from your PC, mobile or tablet.


Mobile Phones

Mobile communications are a must have for all businesses. Phoenix Communications realise the importance of continuous and reliable service and will deliver solutions to suit every business.

Impartial advice from an independent dealer, for voice and data on all of the major mobile networks.

Knowledge : How much does a five minute call to an 0844 number cost from a Vodafone mobile?  Answer: £2.80 or more!

Why use Phoenix Communications for your mobile needs.

  • We’re independent
  • We’re experienced
  • Bespoke Business Tariffs from all of the major mobile networks
  • Free Regular tariff reviews
  • We’re reliable
  • We install car kits & accessories
  • We remove the jargon and simplify the customer needs
  • We listen, we understand, we deliver

PBX Phone Systems (on-site)

We can supply and install an extensive range of PBX phone systems from trusted names such as Samsung, Panasonic, Avaya, Siemens, Mitel & Cisco. We can cater for almost any requirement from a simple small office system to multi-site corporate PBX systems.

Tell us what you want the phone system to do and we will find the right one to do the job.  Whether you are looking for a PBX digital telephone system, IP PBX system or a Cloud PBX solution, Phoenix Communications can help.

Our competitively priced telephone systems are designed to deliver real business benefits, such as:

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Greater mobility and flexibility
  • Competitive advantage

Need structured cabling or a cable tidy up?

Our installers have specialist knowledge in data, voice and fibre optic installations providing quality structured cabling solutions for businesses, universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools, NHS and local authorities. Whether you require Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a or Cat 7, Multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and Single mode OS1, OS2 fibre optic cabling or copper voice cabling, our teams have the resources to design, specify and install. Our engineers have Approved Installer status and accreditations from leading system designers and manufacturers as a result of meeting their stringent registered installer requirements.

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