On-Premise PBX Phone Systems

With almost 20 years telecoms industry experience we know which PBX phone systems fit our clients best

What we offer

We can supply and install an extensive range of PBX phone systems from trusted market leaders such as Samsung, Panasonic,  Siemens, Mitel & Cisco. We can cater for almost any requirement from a simple small office system to multi-site corporate PBX systems.

Tell us what you want the phone system to do and we will find the right one to do the job.  Whether you are looking for a PBX digital telephone system, IP PBX system or a Cloud PBX solution, we can help.

Our competitively priced telephone systems are designed to deliver real business benefits, such as:

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Greater mobility and flexibility
  • Competitive advantage

Typical PBX Phone System Features

The features that are commonly used in a business phone system are:

Auto Attendant:

The auto attendant feature provides automatic answering of calls and a voice menu so that your customers and suppliers can be routed to the correct dept/person as quickly as possible.

Music / Information on Hold:

Instead of silence, which many callers will disconnect from, you can play hold music or provide information about your products or services

Call Transfer & Call Forwarding:

This helps forward calls from one extension to another, enabling transfer of a call to multiple users within your office environment.

Voice Mail:

Allows callers to leave messages in a voice mail box that users can save and delete.

Caller Identification:

helps track calls from identified and un-identified numbers. Display phones show the phone number of the calling party

UPS (Backup power supply):

A UPS allows the phone system to keep in the event of a power


If you need to speak to multiple people simultaneously, a conferencing facility is required. Incoming calls can be transferred to specific extensions and a number of callers can be added to a single conference call.

Mobile Extension:

This feature allows external workers to use their mobile phone as an extension of the phone system and can be paired with an internal extension so that both the office extension and mobile will ring at the same time. The mobile worker can transfer calls to other extensions and can even dial into the telephone system and use the business telephone lines to make calls, creating the effect that they are calling from the office. .

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