Dubber Call Recording MiFid II

Call Recording as a Service

As business requirements become more sophisticated, and as the compliance landscape changes, there is more demand now than ever for voice call recording services.

If you are an inbound or outbound contact centre then you will need your call recordings for training, or to verify your quality standards. If you sell over the phone, or are in any way involved in financial services then you will need to record your calls for regulatory reasons.

Phoenix Communications are partnered with Dubber, a best-in-breed hosted call recording service provider to provide an intuitive and future-proof experience.

Ease of Access

Call recordings are accessed and played back online using any internet browser program. You can tag calls with any text label to make it easier to refer back to them. Powerful search tools allow you to search your recordings using a wide range of criteria, including tags.

Call Sharing

Once a call recording has been identified, it can be temporarily shared to any 3rd party using a unique URL that has a limited lifetime of 24  hours.

Flexible Listening

Every end user can listen to their own personal calls. The nominated Administrator can set up ‘team listening’ to offer selected, wider access by particular users to particular calls.

Secure Storage

All call recordings are held securely within the Amazon Web Services cloud, and specifically within their UK mainland cluster. No data is stored overseas.

All access to the Dubber portals is controlled via username and password, and encrypted using HTTPS. The multi-tenanted architecture is designed so that only the customer can play back their recordings.

Fully Compliant

The EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) will take effect in January 2018, which will require a wider range of financial organisations to capture all correspondence relating to financial transactions, and to keep these records securely for much longer periods.

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in May 2018, requiring all businesses that keep records to ensure that these records are securely stored.  The Dubber service fulfils these compliance requirements.

Future Roadmap

We can immediately offer the Dubber Lite service, which includes 6 months of free storage.

This will soon be followed by the Dubber Large service, which will offer 100,000 minutes of storage per user, shared, with the option to bolt on additional storage as and when required. Also coming soon is Dubber Zoe, a bolt-on which will transcribe your calls, and allow you to search spoken words.

If you would like more information or a free no obligfation trial of the service call 0800 107 9444 or contact us

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