Coronavirus – How to enable your staff for remote working

Many businesses are rightly concerned about the potential impact of the developing situation with coronavirus and how it may impact their business.


We are sending this update to all of our customers to inform them how we will continue to provide support if the situation escalates, and also to offer a helping hand to help protect their business if they want it.


Keeping Our Business Running
Over the last two years, our partners have been investing significantly in systems and infrastructure so that their business can continue to operate under many different scenarios. Enabling staff to work easily from home is key.

Telephony – we continue to support our customers on the phone and can take calls anywhere via our Cloud PBX phone system which operates in the cloud and can deliver calls to our people wherever they may be.

Cloud – our customer service systems operate in the cloud and can, therefore, be accessed from anywhere by authorised personnel. We also use Office 365 for all our collaborative work and data storage and so can continue to work regardless of location.

IT Equipment and Infrastructure – our suppliers have re-equipped the majority of their people, so they can work remotely and securely with IP devices (Mobile and desktop) and upgraded their security infrastructure to cope with the load of a large number of our people working remotely and to ensure this can be done securely.


Will I Still be Able to Buy What I Need?
We are in regular contact with our main suppliers to see if, and how the equipment we provide to our customers will be affected if there is a prolonged impact in China (particularly) or in other key manufacturing countries. At present we are being told that supply is largely unaffected. However, we believe that, if the spread widens or is sustained, shortages may well develop which will mean we are unable to supply key pieces of equipment, or prices could rise. If you have a time-critical project you might want to review if this could impact your business and its plans.


Need Some help?
We are experts in helping organisations work remotely whilst maintaining security. If you are concerned about the impact of the above, or just want some advice – please feel free to contact us on 0800 107 9444 or email us and we will be happy to help.


Until next time keep safe!


Warmest Regards
Phoenix Communications